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  • Puskee™ – Concentrate on collaboration.

    Puskee™ is a collaboration tool for agile and growing companies.

    Create workspaces, invite your colleagues in, and share tasks like never before. Easy.

    English version coming soon! Stay tuned!


    Työryhmän taulunäkymässä työkortit pysyvät järjestyksessä.

    Agile Teamwork.

    Create a workspace for your team or a project, and invite your colleagues in. Keep your tasks in your pocket as virtual work cards.

    Your team has a work board where you can together plan what to do, when, and by whom.

    Follow the progress of work cards as they advance on the board.

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    Instructions, Chat Messages, and Documents in Tandem.

    Write down instructions on a work card, attach documents, and chat with the right people in a same context.

    No more jumping between apps and hunting information.

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    Creative business team putting hands together at the office

    Collaboration over Company Boundaries.

    Share tasks with a colleague from a neighboring company. Securely.

    You will see in real time, how the task proceeds, and you can start a chat conversation with her any time.

    We have a common mission!

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    Want to Hear More?

    We are happy to discuss more, how Puskee™ solves the challenges of combining remote work with office work in your particular case.

    Tell us about your interests:

    • Live Puskee™ demo via a video chat. 
    • More information about the capabilities of Puskee™ collaboration app.
    • Discussion with an expert on challenges of hybrid work.

    Please send email to us info(at)taikagroup.fi, and we will contact you soon!